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3D volumetric construction- the new way of construction

3D Volumetric construction- an alternative to the current construction condition which promises transformed improvements of Cost, Time, Quality, Safety and Health. It offers predicting uniformity. Eliminating problems faced in local construction, it employs very few numbers of qualified human labour, henceforth reduces chances of error.

Also known as modular construction- this construction technique involves production of three-dimensional modular units in controlled factory conditions. These modules can then be brought on site and then assembled together.

This unique method of construction offers the inherent benefits of concrete such as thermal mass, sound and fire resistance, as well as factory quality and accuracy, together with speed of erection on-site. It offers schedule benefits as most of the activities are undertaken away from the building site with minimal work at the building site.

Key Advantages of 3D volumetric construction

  1. Superior quality through factory-based quality control

  2. Improved site productivity

  3. Reduces wastage

  4. Great reliability and quality – since no, or minimal vertical joints

  5. Great certainty of completion on time and on budget

By Chapman Taylor

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