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We at ARCHINEER are trained professionals, who prove to be an enthusiastic support while helping you to identify your vision for your spaces, by devising a customized action plan maximizing the full potential to achieve the desired result.
(Architecture, Design, Civil Engineering)



Aadya Premraj Pande has graduated from Amity University, as an Architect (in 2016).  Her finesse for creativity defines the nuances of design and art. "Aesthetics is omnipresent, if not, we elicit it" she remarks.

Anirudh Pande
Painted Desk

& this is Anirudh !


Anirudh Pande has graduated from N.I.T. Raipur, as a Civil Engineer (in 2012). He holds vast experience in the fields of building design, construction, and execution.

He believes in "MAXIMIZING VALUE and minimizing cost".

Tropical Leaves 7
Tropical Leaves 7
Tropical Leaf
Tropical Leaves 7

Meet Aadya !

Aadya Premraj Pande
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