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Precast Flat Panel Construction: the new way of construction

A precast flat panel (PFP) system is a construction technique that provides an alternative to traditional site-based construction. Precast flat panel system components are mass produced off-site, making them practical for recurring requirements that also demand speed of manufacturing and consistency of product. Panels can include elements, such as doors, windows and floor units. They can also include features such as decorative wall finishes, fitted insulation and so on. Some types can be used as load bearing panels in cross wall construction applications.

Precast flat panel systems can reduce on-site waste and ongoing maintenance, but they can be difficult to transport and handle. Using the precast flat panel construction technique may shorten construction project completion times.

The most common types of panels are:

  1. Open panels

  2. Closed panels

  3. Concrete panels

  4. Infill panels

  5. Curtain walling

  6. Composite panels

  7. Structural insulated panels (SIPS)

By: Patrick Parsons


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