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Inspirational Interior: VILLON

You are invited!

To a feast for-your-eyes,

Venue: Villon (San Francisco Proper, 1100 Market St, United States)

Welcoming you all to this enthralling restaurant, designed by the celebrity interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Here, we are celebrating the pristine ambience, interesting furnishings and lip-smacking food. Now, let’s raise a toast to the alluring black and blue motif that is accented by wood, stone, metals and glass at a delicate scale.

Located two blocks from Orpheus theater (Hamilton), this high-end restaurant imparts a sense of modesty and sophistication. Every little detail has been curated with European modernistic style. The intimacy envelopes vintage-feels and strong geometric patterns.

Disclaimer: We don’t own these pictures/ videos. All rights belong to the owner (which is always credited when known).

Picture courtesy: Team Kelly Wearstler


Cheers! Don’t forget to try Gnocchi.


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