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Inspirational Interior: ANH AND CHI by Karin Bohn

You are invited!

To a feast for your eyes

Venue: ANH AND CHI (3388 Main Street, Vancouver)

Welcoming you all to this magnificent Vietnamese restaurant, run by the Nguyên family. Here, we are celebrating them for serving us with their secret ingredient of “authenticity”. Now, let’s raise a toast on how beautifully and skillfully this space has been designed by the very talented Karin Bohn and her team House of Bohn.

We can feel the ambience, so fresh.

Struck by the vibrant tones complimenting the wooden grains.

Trust me! They had us on the ‘wallpaper’, it walked us through the tropical greens.



Disclaimer: We don’t own these pictures/ videos. All rights belong to the owner (which is always credited when known).

All of the Picture Credits: reserved to team House of Bohn


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