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Glass Architecture – a Class Architecture

Since history glass has been an indispensable part of mankind. This building material is finding relevant role in contemporary building designs. The technologies used today, have fabricated ‘Glass’ into a sustainable product.

Use ‘Glass’:

As horizon between nature and inner spaces: Transparency merges your room with the outside panorama.

As a resistant material: Guards your haven from noise, bad-odor, dust, pollution- while maintaining the hygiene.

As a versatile material: At the façade, as a window, on the roof, as partitions, at the balcony railing, for elevators- what not?

As an innovative material: Want your building to stand out? Just use glass! They come in different shapes, colours and properties. Glass gives you leisure to be artistic and realistic at the same time. “Glass is the limit! since we can see the sky through it! No?”

Disclaimer: We don’t own these pictures/ videos. All rights belong to the owner (which is always credited when known).

1. The Prada Store, Tokyo (by atlantide phototravel/corbis)

2. Gesthemane Lutheran Church (by Architect Jim Olson of studio Olson Kundig)


4. (By Komandoo Maldives Island Resort)

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