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Exposing the beauty of Exposed Brick Architecture

With ‘No-makeup-look’ trending, why leave your buildings behind. The un-filtered, un-concealed, un-plastered- “RAW and NATURAL”; is ARCHINEER’s top pick as well. The exposed-brick-architecture is now weighed more than just an industrial-delight. The rusty, red-and-orange shades, works well as an envelop or/and as a feature wall. The hypnotic charm that this type of architecture binds you with, is undefined.

Use “Exposed-Bricks”:

  • To complement a modern building material

  • To build an ambience of being lost in countryside or a barn.

  • To fill a space with warmth and comfort.

  • To connect the past with the present.

Why “Exposed-Bricks”:

  1. Energy saving- Bricks insulate your house from outside weather conditions, keeping you and your family comfortable inside.

  2. Durable- A brick wall has long life-span. They age really slow. Better the quality, better is the durability.

  3. Incredibly strong building material- Bricks are load bearing.

  4. Sustainable material- Their production is becoming ‘greener’ with new developing technologies.

  5. Gives you freedom to play and be creative with the brick-patterns/ bonds.

  6. Easy to maintain.

  7. Brick never age: The older are the bricks, the more vintage and rustic finish- is what you get.

“Only a bond, has the power to bind!”

Disclaimer: We don’t own these pictures/ videos. All rights belong to the owner (which is always credited when known).

1. By PMA Madhushala, clicked by Hemant Patil, from Designboom

2. Chuon Chuon Kim 2 Kindergarten by KIENTRUC O, from Archdaily

3. By A for Architecture, cliked by Hemant Patil, from Archdaily

4. By Hackett Holland, in London, from House and garden UK

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