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Architect Le Corbusier: a snippet

Building: Colline Notre Dame du Haut.

Place: Ronchamp, France.

"A modernistic Roman Catholic church with the glass and high ceiling. Lifting the eye to the heaven, yet the curve keeps it grounded."

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris—well known as Le Corbusier: is widely regarded as the most important architect of the 20th century. He is believed to be a gifted architect, provocative writer, divisive urban planner, talented painter, and unparalleled polemicist.

He developed his famous “5 points of architecture" as follows:

1. Raise the building on “pilotis,” freeing the walls of their structural function.

2. With the walls freed of their structural role, a free plan should be employed.

3. Similarly, the façade should be designed freely.

4. The horizontal ribbon window, enabled by the free façade, should be used to light rooms evenly.

5. The roof should be flat and host a roof garden, replacing the ground space that is occupied by the building.

ARCHINEER's favorite pick from Architect Le Corbusier's works, is :

Mill Owners' Association Building @ Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA)

Le Corbusier designed the Mill Owners Association in Ahmedabad, India, a city historically active in the textile trade. Built in 1954, this building is believed to have modern aesthetic.

Corbusier’s design responded to warmer environments of Ahmedabad using cultural contexts.

There were hints of vernacular India like ledges, blinds and huge pillars in the hallways. Brises-soleil on the west façade were designed to keep the sun from penetrating the façade. They were oriented diagonally to obstruct views from the street, while allowing air and indirect sunlight to enter the interior of the space. The thickened plant facades complement the rough concrete.

Engulfed with wide open spaces around, the building didn’t challenge the existing urban fabric.

A boardwalk that begins with a ramp running from the parking lot to a three-story void in the volumetric center of the building.

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